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This is your one-stop-shop for purchasing all my photos. From motorsports to nature to street photography, you will be able to purchase digital downloads and prints. Unless otherwise stated, all digital downloads are $5 for a hi-res photo. Prints purchased through this site are handled by an outside vendor of my choice. If you would like me to have them printed locally, get in touch with me and we will work something out. Remember, ALL PHOTOS ARE THE PROPERTY OF JOHN E TAYLOR/JOHN TAYLOR PHOTOGRAPHY/JET PHOTO! When you purchase a digital download or print, you are granted a personal license to use or print the photos for yourself. YOU CAN NOT RESELL IN ANY WAY MY PHOTOS! YOU MAY NOT USE THEM COMMERCIALLY FOR ADVERTISING WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! If you are a business and want to use any of my photos for your company, contact me directly at and we will draw up a contract for usage. All my photos were taken on public land or with permission from a private company. Just because you or your property are in the photos, it does not mean you have any ownership claim. This is covered under Federal Copyright Laws! Thank you for visiting and for your business!


The Black and White Cuts

Nature Photos


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